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‘My little painting stint shaped my life...'

A nineteen year old who started bearing the responsibility of a family at a tender age of 14.

With five mouths to feed and an ailing father, Rohit though the youngest and had to rise up to the occasion and support his family.

When we first met Rohit he was a young 14 year old, who had come to paint on a contract. We were surprised to learn that he was merely 14 year old. We persuaded him to study further but Rohit's intention was to support his family. We had to help this young boy and gave him incentives to equip him with a training that would be handy for the rest of his life.

Rohit began his training where he learnt new skills like welding, carpentry, painting, plumbing and electric work. During the four year training period he even earned a stipend to help him to continue to support his family.

Today he works in a workshop and earns a living and supports his family but hopes to someday set up his own venture.



‘My little painting
stint shaped
my life...'


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