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In a majority of cases KHW children area sent to a variety of institutions offering vocational / professional courses under the Higher Education & Training Program. However, there are those who are unable to attain the minimum educational levels required for admission to such institutions. These children are provided livelihood / vocation skills to enhance their earning potential.

KHW’s JOT (Job Oriented Training) program provides on the job training in metal fabrication, carpentry, plumbing, electrical maintenance, masonry and general maintenance. Since most of the young persons under this program are bread earners they get a daily stipend enabling them to earn even as they learn.



Rajpur & Clement town women and girls are provided training. The Rajpur Center has been discontinued since April this year.

JOT (Job Oriented Training)

Providing on the job training in metal fabrication, carpentry, plumbing, and general maintenance. All the trainees have found gainful employment or setup their own business. The program is under review due to lack of sufficient funding.


‘My little painting
stint shaped
my life...'

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