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I want to fly like that kite...’

My eyes led me to a moving red spot in the vast expanse of the clear blue sky, a red kite soaring high. I knew I wanted to be that kite someday and soar as high…

As I watched my little cousin fly his red kite in my new surroundings. I yearned to join him but I knew only too well that my body would not allow me. It was far too ill and frail.

I am Vipin Kala. I have no recollection of my father as I lost him when I was very young. My mother alone brought me and my elder sister Minakshi up . Her difficult life cannot be expressed in words. In 2001 When I was just 9 and my sister 12, we lost our mother to tuberculosis. We were left with a house in a slum of Dehradun. Just the two of us, in a big, unloving and uncaring world.

Even while my mother was alive, life was harsh on us, but with her by our side we were always strong and never alone. In our times of need neither friends nor relatives came forward to help us. KHW stood beside us over the years and took care of us even when my mother was alive and more so after she passed away.

Some weeks back I got very ill and KHW rushed me to Disha hospital. I saw the look on my sister’s face, grave with concern, tears streaming down her face and I knew why…... I was put in the same room where my mother had died! KHW ensured that my room was changed immediately. As weeks went by my strength came back.

Today is much brighter than yesterday. KHW has now arranged for us to stay with the family of my aunt. My surroundings are clean and beautiful unlike our house in the slums. We are five children in the house and my young cousins are very good to me. I also help around in the house. My sister has started going to a nearby school and I hope to join her soon.

I feel much better and they say I look much better too and I know I am not far from full recovery. I am waiting for the day when I can go back to school like other children and I know I will do my best and fly like that kite someday…..

A month later, Vipin, to everybody’s surprise tested positive
for AIDS and in no time his life just wilted away. It all happened
so quickly and we felt so unprepared and helpless…




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