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(14 May 2006)

Samvedna is a joint effort of Gramin Samudaik Vikas Seva Sansthan, (GSVSS) Rudraprayag, Disha Hospital 's Orthopaedic Department and Kinderhilfswerk towards helping the Differently Abled live a life of dignity and purpose. The first camp of Samvedna was organized at Tilwara, Rudraprayag. There was no doctor with us. We identified patients and told them to come to Dehradun for a proper medical evaluation and possible intervention.

Unlike the first one the other 4 camps were better organized. We invited few doctors and especially Dr. Rajnish Singh who generously gave his time to examine the patients and identified who could undergo corrective surgery. Some people had burns when they were very young or birth defects or suffered from ignorance/neglect from easily preventable disease. The local people know them as the “Handicapped”. But they are able to do many things which sometimes even a normal person cannot do. The word “Differently Abled” is the right term for them.

The Himalayas are known for their pristine stretch of beautiful mountains with expressive blue sky where fresh elixir water flows. Such an ardent lover of the mountain as I am I could forget all hardship of life and enjoy the beauty of the handiwork of the most Amazing Creator. Amidst the gorgeous ridges of the mountain live thousands of people who are unable to live a normal life. Longing to walk proportionately. For some perhaps impossible an impossible dream, to see clearly as we do and hear all kinds of sweet sound that echoes. I am sure that SAMVEDNA CAMP 5 will change the lives of a few who came seeking a better quality of life.

Having all necessities prepared we left Dehradun on 13 th May morning 8 am. Mr. Robert chauffeured us in his brand new car. After a long drive of about 5 ½ hours we arrived at Tilwara, Rudraprayag and halted for the night at Tourist Village of Tilwara. The next day we hit the rough and dusty road of the mountain at 8am to Ghimtoli where the camp was to be held. The place is about 2 hours drive from Tilwara where a Center for Samvedna (GSVSS) is located. District Magistrate consented to be Chief Guest for the camp.

We had 5 Doctors for the camp:
•  Dr. Rajnish K. Singh
•  Dr. Notial from Dehradun,
•  Dr. M. L. Dharwa,
•  Dr. (Ms.) Meena (Ladies Medical Officer)
•  Dr. R. K. Rawat (ENT Specialist)

We had 10 volunteers who made the camp successful. They are the ones who had been working from a week before. They walk from village to village inviting people to come to the Camp. They registered each of the patient's name and address so we could pass the information when to come down to Dehradun for treatment and operation. There were 110 patients who came and registered. Of all these there were some who walked about an hour to attend the camp. Some children came in the laps of their parents, some walking all the way bearing the heat of the summer. Some of the patients were 60 to 70 years old. There are no proper medical facilities available nearby. A Camp like ours is a great advantage for them where they get medicines and even vitamins. Although we cannot meet all their needs and some are told to come to Dehradun but almost go back happy and satisfied.

At 3.00 pm we were able to wrap up all things including lunch prepared by some volunteers. We moved out of the village hearing thunder roaring and dark patches of clouds started to pour water. Back at the Tourist Village , we had meetings with the volunteers followed with a yummy dinner. The next day we left for Dehradun at 1:30 pm. Now we wait for the identified patients who will undergo operation at Disha Hospital , Dehradun. Every camp is special and Camp 5 gave be better understanding and empathy for the physically challenged. [ A Report by Deezane Pamei ]



Sujan Singh News Clip
"A life Less Ordinary"
[The story of Sujan Singh also featured in the Garhwal Post on occasion of Disability Day
3rd Dec, 2005.]


Agnes Huttenlocher a Paediatric nurse from Germany who visited KHW-India from November ‘05 to March ‘06 and provided valuable services to our Special Needs Centre in Tilwara, Rudraprayag. She expresses her opinion on her one month visit to the region. [READ MORE]

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