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vinod gurungvinod gurung
Vinod Gurung was helped under this programme to buy a three wheel carrier.

Further information on this project is available in our annual report

The Micro Enterprise Development and Livelihood Enhancement Program has been initiated in response to the need for a sensitive, non-exploitative, socially responsible mechanism to help strengthen individual initiative and entrepreneurship among the underprivileged. Typically the poor cannot avail of bank loan facilities as they neither have influence or collateral. So they have to either go to the private moneylenders who charge exorbitant interests or continue in poor paid employment.

Through this program KHW aims to help young individuals with a proven track record start up on their own by providing refundable, interest free financial assistance. Initially this program will be limited to those who have gone through KHW-India’s sponsorship program but have not be able to do well at school. Later the program aims to serve a larger cross section of the population.

Three young men have already been helped under this program.



micro enterprise

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