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‘Asha Griha’ in Hindi means – ‘House of Hope’. This project is a new initiative which aims to provide love, nurture, care and a family to children at risk. In a majority of cases KHW-India prefers that children live and grow up in their family and community. However there are children who for a variety of reasons are deprived of this privilege. These are usually, but not exclusively children who have lost both parents and whose life and survival are at serious risk.

The salient features of Asha Griha (House of Hope) are:

  • It will be under the care of a committed couple preferably with children of their own.
  • The couple will be identified / selected after appropriate and strict scrutiny.
  • All children both biological and admitted will be provided the same facilities, privileges, opportunities and care.
  • Emphasis will be on quality education, health care and nurture.
  • All children will be encouraged to develop to their full potential and will be supported until they have the appropriate skills/means to socio-economic independence.
  • There will be no more then ten children in one House of Hope.
  • Children will be of both genders and age differences will closely replicate normal family structure.
  • The program is expected to be duplicated in future and hopefully will become a replicable model for providing residential care to children at risk.



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