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small hamlet on the outskirts of Dehradun is inhabited by snake charmers. For years these people have been involved in animal product trade of the lowest strata. This trade eventually could not sustain this community and they had to finally resort to begging and thus resigned to their fate of abject poverty.

Several attempts were made in the past to improve the condition of this community but their unwillingness to change made it difficult. In the year 2000 at the behest of Mrs. Hishey, who has been undauntingly serving this community for years, put forth a request to KHW - India for an appropriate intervention to help the children of the community.




In the year 2000 KHW – India took upon this challenge and sponsored education, health and nutrition of 20 children from this community. With our persistent help, six years hence we now see some progress in the condition of the children as they are no longer in the vicinity of the temple begging for their next meal.

Apart from providing these children with education and care KHW has also ensured a roof over the head of the children and their families. Nine ‘pucca' houses have been made so far. Our work continues to grow in this area.


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