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need based, rather than fund dictated”…

In the year 2005 KHW found itself engaging in interventions outside its traditional paradigms of supporting education, vocational training and healthcare. Emerging needs and challenges have been stretching its resources, both human and financial. As it has responded to new challenges KHW has tried to ensure that its actions are, to quote a friend, “ need based, rather than fund dictated”…

Samvedna a program for the Differently Abled is emerging as a definite area in which KHW should develop its expertise and capacity. The large number of contributing volunteers and the recent grant of Rs. 500,000 by the Chief Minister of Uttaranchal for this program indicate that the Samvedna initiative is a step in the right direction.

KHW is traditionally not a disaster relief and rehabilitation organization. It's response to the South Asian Tsunami was initially tentative and hesitant. Until August 2005 KHW partnered with EFICOR, New Delhi . However, since September It is engaging in direct interventions in strategic partnerships with local NGOs. Despite lack of appropriate experience and capacity KHW has been able to make a significant contribution.

The October earthquake in Kashmir further highlighted the urgent need for KHW to develop capacity and expertise to respond immediately and effectively to disasters. The incidence and scale of natural disasters The year 2005 brings us closer to our 25 th year increasing and as an organization committed to public service KHW needs to not only engage just in relief and rehabilitation but also involve in mitigation especially in its home state, Uttaranchal.

KHW is also working towards developing appropriate linkages with development organizations, government departments and individuals to further improve its expertise and capacities. It is trying to make its work and views more visible to enhance our credibility and facilitate development partnerships. Towards this I am happy to inform you that KHW is now an Associate Member of the Times Foundation.

Even as we attempt to make a difference in the lives of many little children we were severely jolted by the unexpected and tragic death of one of our dear child Vipin Kala due to AIDS. His story of hope and recovery became an unforeseen obituary! It has been a cruel wake-up call. Today, it becomes even more imperative that KHW proactively involves itself to challenge the HIV / AIDS menace.

As we cover milestones after milestones we would like to share it with likeminded individuals and organizations to help us grow together in the field of development.


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Ek Prayas 2005 - D P School

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